Vending Services

Park Vending, Inc. provides an unrivaled, first-class experience. We have a custom tailored vending solution to meet your needs. Our goal is to provide excellence in service so you can focus exclusively on your core business.

Vending Services

At Park Vending, our mission is to provide quality in product and service and to be recognized as an industry leader. Over 50 years of experience has demonstrated that our customers value service above all else. Whether you are looking for a single machine or a complete dining experience, Park Vending is your full service provider. We offer equipment with the latest technology available, maximum merchandise flexibility, and unparalleled technical service. Combine these ingredients and you have a recipe for success.

We differentiate ourselves by adding value to your organization beyond the products and technical service we provide. Allow us to work with you to develop an employee rewards program to help you achieve the goals that impact your bottom line. Whether they are decreased absenteeism or increased safety awareness or productivity, let us bring a fresh set of ideas to the table.

We will also work with you in the area of design and decoration. We will combine high tech vending equipment with contemporary design features. Colors, design, layout, seating and engineering requirements can all be planned to create a pleasant environment for any location.

Our Fresh Foods

Our Master Menu offers over 185 varieties of fresh food on a daily basis. We have one of the largest menus in the vending industry, with the highest quality in food, for the most competitive prices around. To guarantee freshness all of our items have clearly marked expiration dates.

We provide a whole line of healthy entrees for the health conscious customer. We carry frozen food products with name brand recognition. Each of these items is delivered to you promptly under controlled conditions.

Our Candy & Snacks

In addition to fresh varieties, Park Vending also carries an extensive line of candy and snack items, including frozen novelties. We strive for the highest level of customer interest by consistently maintaining the most popular items while rotating the less popular selections to provide maximum variety and satisfaction. We use the best brands to build customer confidence.

Our Beverages

Park Vending can meet your beverage needs, whether hot or cold. We carry all major brands of soda, a full line of sports drinks, energy drinks, juices, and milk, all available in a variety of sizes and packaging to meet your specific needs. If a hot beverage is your desire, we offer a complete line of whole bean and fresh ground coffees, hot chocolate, tea, soup, and a variety of international coffees.