Office Refreshment Services

Office Refreshment Services

Park Vending has been serving the office refreshment needs of Chicagoland organizations for over 50 years.

We provide a full line of the most popular hot and cold beverage options in addition to truly outstanding service.

coffee7Park Vending offers name brand regular and decaffeinated coffee, and micro-roasted gourmet coffee. In addition to coffee we carry a variety of creamers, sweeteners, tea, hot cocoas, soups, and hot breakfast cereal options.

Park Vending also offers a full line of cold beverages. These include name brand canned and bottled soft drinks, juices, water and sports drinks.

Maintain your own refreshment inventory levels through phone, fax, or online orders, or allow us to minimize your time by maintaining an established par level, and leave your beverage refreshment concerns to us!

Our office refreshment service includes equipment and our complete product line delivered direct to you, free of charge.

Office Water Services

Park Vending offers various options for filtered water systems to help offer convenience and control operating costs. We can accommodate your requests for individual bottled water, or connect to an existing water source.

Water filtration systems provide your office with a clean, unlimited water source on a consistent, efficient basis utilizing existing plumbing. Eliminating bottle storage from your operations also keeps valuable floor space open and reduces the risk of injury from heavy lifting.

We handle everything for you—delivery of the water supply, maintenance, and even semi-annual filter changes.

Our Equipment

Park Vending has a wide variety of coffee brewing equipment ranging from traditional multi burner commercial drip units to single cup, (coin operated or free), gourmet counter-top coffee machines. All required maintenance on our equipment is included and on a timely basis.