Is Chocolate Good or Bad?

The Aztecs believed that chocolate was a gift from the gods of wisdom and knowledge.

But does chocolate have any place in a healthy diet?

The good news is, the answer is “yes.”

If eaten in moderation, there’s nothing wrong with chocolate.

The trick to enjoying chocolate in moderation is to not chow it down in one bite. Savor the chocolate experience—enjoy its rich…

Park Vending Now Offers Healthy Choices

Snack Smart with Park Vending
Snacks are great, but it’s important to snack smart.  Snacks keep you going until your next meal; they’re a break from your work or play, and they help prevent overeating. Research shows healthy snacking can aid in maintaining a healthy weight. Eating four or five smaller meals a day is more beneficial than three meals for many…

FAQ: Pay at the Vending Machine with a Credit Card

What happens when you make a credit or debit purchase at one of Park Vending’s locations?
With more vending machines accepting payment by credit and debit cards, consumers are less likely to go digging in their pockets for loose change when they get the urge for a snack or drink.

Our payment processing service, USA Technologies, provides 24/7 consumer service for questions…