The Aztecs believed that chocolate was a gift from the gods of wisdom and knowledge.

But does chocolate have any place in a healthy diet?

The good news is, the answer is “yes.”

If eaten in moderation, there’s nothing wrong with chocolate.

The trick to enjoying chocolate in moderation is to not chow it down in one bite. Savor the chocolate experience—enjoy its rich aroma, delight as it melts in your mouth. As long as you keep your chocolate habit in check—and maintain a balanced and varied diet of snacks and meals, there’s no reason to feel guilty.

According to HuffPost Healthy Living* the benefits of chocolate can include:

It Reduces Stroke Risk
It Boosts Heart Health
It Fills You Up
It May Fight Diabetes
It Protects Your Skin
It Can Quiet Coughs
It Boost Your Mood
It Improves Blood Flow
It Improves Vision
It May Make You Smarter

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